Digital entrepreneurship

Sprout Park is a group of companies in digital entrepreneurship and communication.
With an extensive knowledge within the digital world and startups we offer a wide range of services from digital communication and film production to management consultancy. We are also providing entrepreneurs with structured financial services and creative co-working space. Through our part-ownership in Hyper Island we educate and inspire existing and future talents all around the world.

Britny is a strategic digital agency with a state of the art production team that allows us to create complete solutions. Areas: Strategy, UX, Design, Development, Project management

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Latest: KLM - My Dream Catcher

KLM - My Dream Catcher

An inspirational travel planning service that sorts cross-referenced data from 12 global services such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google and many more.

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Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenges companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Areas: Programs & courses, tailored solutions, learning partners

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Latest: Going global with master classes

Going global with master classes

Hyper Island Master Class is an intensive learning experience that will challenge your thinking and perception on the influence and possibilities within digital media.

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SUP46 gathers startup people in a Stockholm based meeting & co-working space. Together, we contribute to each other's global success. Our vision is to make Stockholm the #1 startup city in the world. Areas: Central meeting place for entrepreneurs and financiers, with emphasis on central.

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Latest: Membership packages

Membership packages

Co-working space with flex/fixed seats and dedicated office rooms. Quantity discount & 24/7-access.

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Business Consultancy agency within management, economics, HR and law. Areas: Management consultancy

New recruitment


New recruitment to meet customer demands.


dfm and dfm fiktion are producing feature films, TV productions, commanded films and commercials. The directors, scriptwriters and photographers that we engage, moves between the companies and the different productions. Areas: Film & TV, post-production, coroporate films

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Latest: Ömheten


Winner of best photo at Guldbaggen and nominated at Berlins international filmfestival - In a small mining community in Northern Sweden, a group of youngsters about to take the leap in the adult age fight with themselves and the world around, while the ground literally trembles under their feet.

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Reaktor is a communication agency specialised in sound - all aspects of sound. As such, we help companies and organisations to strategically and operationally make use of sound and music as a means to reach business objectives. Areas: Sound design and strategies for digital content, commercials, TV/film, podcast and office areas

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Latest: Adecco - Resume

Adecco - Resume

On the digital arena, communicating hard-earned career credentials to stand out in the professional world can be challenging and time consuming. Resu-ME is a service that helps you to get the job by digitally differentiating your LinkedIn career profile.

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Co-working place for people with big ideas in central Stockholm. Areas: Strategy, UX, Design, Tech, Project management.

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Latest: Opening up for conferences and events


Opening up for conferences and events.

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About Sprout Park

Sprout Park is a group of eight media and communications companies. Our agencies are all recognised names in each of their particular fields, offering digital and mobile solutions, e-mail communication, audio and video productions, as well as branding, strategy and design. Working together, the partner companies are able to tackle large, complex projects. And because we are all part of the same team - and even sit in the same office - Sprout Park offers clients a positive alternative to the usual problems.